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There is a very good reason why we haven’t post an update (at least public) for quite some time as we’ve been working on something which we believe will change the proxy industry and light up the sparkle inside of all of you.

We all know that it’s hard for a proxy site to rank in Google search engine because of the competition.┬áSEO for proxies is not working the same as for other niches because of several different factors. Not to mention the number of search engines that are out there and you might want to optimize every single proxy site for (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, GoDuckGo etc..)

Search the keyword proxy on will bring up to 69,300,000 results

Google search results for proxy

What if there was a way to get more traffic to your proxy sites but not from the traditional search engines?

Wouldn’t you like that?

Without any further delay we present you: ProxyNoid Proxy Search Engine.

Search and find new, fresh and secure proxy sites to use and unblock youtube, facebook, twitter, gmail.

Proxy Search Engine – Search – Choose – Unblock

There is something really important that you shall know about our meta search engine. We don’t crawl the web trying to find proxy sites to show up in our SERP. On the contrary, we crawl the entire ProxyNoid network.

That means that all the proxies that have been submitted to our network will be included into our search db and the results come from there.

Why not just crawl the web?

Simple, we want our members’ proxies to get as much traffic as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Use the coupon code: ProxySearch to get free ProxyNoid credits and keep submitting your proxy sites to our network.

P.S: If you are not a member yet you can signup here (it’s FREE).



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